We will be an active financial services provider with services offerings mainly comprising the following:

Corporate Consulting

We support clients from listed companies, private companies, institutional investors and high net worth individuals, in the provision of independent financial advice on:

  • Corporate structure advisory
  • Business strategic advisory
  • M&A strategy
  • Debt & capital allocation
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate governance
  • Capital budgeting
  • Capital raising

Valuation Advisory

Our team serves enterprises ranging from listed companies to pre-IPO candidates to SMEs to venture companies with the following services:

  • Valuation of business enterprises & intangible assets
  • Valuation of tangible asset (e.g. real estate /plant & equipment)
  • Valuation of financial derivatives
  • Feasibility Study & Business Planning
  • Industry and Market research
  • Due Diligence

Financial PR

Assisting clients with a series of corporate events with a view to develop an effective communication channel with the market and establish a strong corporate image, ensuring an accurate delivery of information and message to the target audience, our services include:

  • Comprehensive PR plan and timetable
  • Equity story
  • Non deal roadshow
  • Listing ceremony & celebration event management
  • Site visits and company tours for investors / analysts
  • Luncheon gatherings with stock commentators and financial reporters
  • Conference and interview with investor
  • Media skills & presentation training
  • Shareholder identification
  • Investor and analyst database management
  • Investor targeting
  • Daily news monitoring & coverage analysis
  • Research report monitoring
  • Crisis Management

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